Lot of people begin poor. They get educated and then they find a way to make money. They end up becoming very picky and choosy about how they live their life. Right from spending money on clean water, rich food, great entertainment, best clothes, exotic travel destinations, buying assets, all open up large pockets of economy.

It is similar to the inflationary universe where the galaxies keep moving away from each other and go on expanding. The people who became newly rich fuel others increasing the Forbes list of billionaires and the unpublished list of millionaires.

We are often grown…

I would like to put forth some general observations related to the Quality of Education in India. Specifically the Science and Engineering streams.

It is true that we have millions of Engineers and Science students graduating out of the various Government funded and Private colleges across the country. However, barring a few, the large majority requires a huge overhaul in terms of the Quality of Education.

The poor quality in teaching Math and Science at High school level is the main reason why we are unable to churn the best Engineers and Scientists right here.

We need to fix the…

Every software product we develop begins with some idea of its use by some human user directly or indirectly. Long ago, when I was developing a device driver for a Communication protocol called ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode), I had no clue how it is going to be used, until I learnt that it was going to be used by the Bibliotheque Nationale De France or the French National Library in Paris. But that did not impact me in any way. I was busy with the interrupt handlers and the kernel panics.

For a long time, working with the OS code…

We believe in so many things. What we learn from books or others in general are nothing but information. They just stay in our brain waiting to be converted to beliefs. When you experience them, you believe them.

If your mother warns you as a child to not put your finger in a lighted candle saying that it will burn your fingers, you don’t believe it. You try it and then you find that to be true. Now what your mother told you becomes a part of your belief. You advocate it to others who can verify it themselves.


We see in social media many posts sharing how kind someone is to a dog or a fellow human. The reason why we share or read such posts is because we like what we want to be. We want to be humane. We want to show our love to our friends and family. But what makes us behave differently and often create hatred is what we fill our mind.

In a capitalistic economy which puts survival in front of everything else, your mind is filled with how you can get ahead of others in a crowded, resource constrained world.


Living in Bangalore for a very long time of my life, especially in a BDA approved layout, I have come across a litany of woes. I am sure this will evoke that “nothing new” type of feeling in you because you would have witnessed similar things. In spite of that I will go ahead and write this down. Most of this will resonate well for other Indian Metros or Cities as well.

Broken pavements. There is no way pedestrians can have a safe walk around a neighborhood. I have seen the main roads in my area where they spent few…

When you grow up you don’t have the concept of money in your head. You are focused on learning, playing or being with friends and generally excited about what you learn or what you like.

Even when you begin to earn, you freely spend them on things you like. You want to go on a trip or buy an expensive camera or spend on hobbies, or spend for others, you don’t think twice.

Somewhere down the line, you become more careful about money. Probably the pressures of sustaining a family or your desire for bigger goals like buying a house…

We constantly question our Education. As if what you learn at School and College are totally responsible for what you are. We judge people by the degrees they get, the schools they went.

This is not very different from the way we make decisions to vote a party to power by judging the leader’s goodwill.

And hence we have a plethora of colleges vying for the top slots in research, coveted positions in top companies, similar to the way political parties project their leaders as messiahs.

In reality, Education is all about the need to learn a subject that is…

If you have to go fishing or sit on the beach and relax, what would you choose?

Of course, you would choose to remain on the beach.

No one wants the hardships of getting up at 3 AM to go into the ocean. Its damn hard. It comes by years of practice.

So how do I get to stay on the beach if I don’t fish.

You can’t. You need to fish to stay on the beach.

But you can minimize the fishing.

If there is a magical voice that tells you how much you should fish every day for…

I went to the nearby shop to buy some vegetables. It was raining outside. There were very few vehicles moving around due to lock down. There was one other person in the shop. When I carried the bag and moved out, I saw a wild lion charging at me. My heart stopped and I immediately moved aside to protect myself. But then I found myself falling into a trench that was never ending. I was falling at a great speed into the abyss and it was pitch dark. When I landed, I saw a beautiful garden, sunlight pouring in and…

Thalapathy Krishnamurthy

I am building Trec. A new way to read the Web. If you are interested, send a mail to trecapp04@gmail.com. You will be notified.

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