Every conflict is multi-faceted.

Whether you have a conflict within your home or office or the reams of conflicts that you get to know about from News about your place, people, country or the world.

Everyone involved in a conflict tries to express their side of the story, believe that to be true and fight tooth and nail and often their lives.

All our stories we tell, the movies we make, the rumors that float around is all about a bunch of humans having a conflict on something.

Like the electromagnetic spectrum, our conflicts are also vast and spread across. Some resolvable, some not. Some meaningful, some others not.

Not all conflicts are bad. They are needed to get across the different points of view.

Conflicts arise because we look for a time bound resolution. We want to fix things before we leave this place.

Humans are flawed. The beauty of being a human is the flaw in them.

We are animals striving for a bar which gets pushed when we reach it.

We fix things only to open new problems.

We brought in machines when we couldn’t stand our flaws, to reduce friction and thereby reduce conflicts.

But as in others, the machines we build are flawed as well.

In many situations, accepting things the way they are is the first step that leads to a conflict free existence. Many of them cease to be conflicts when the people involved leave them as they are and move on.

When you begin to accept things, you forgive the flaws. You let go conflicts. You begin to realize the peace within.

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