Alone on the streets

I am quite jobless. Every day when I wake up, it looks the same to me. I am so buried in my own routine that I never notice any change around me. For the first time when I came out and started walking from the narrow alley, where my house is, towards the main road, there was no one on the road throughout that stretch. Normally I would not be able to cross the road easily. I am old and generously built. Crossing the road is a slow ritual for me. I have to patiently wait for all vehicles to disappear before I swing myself into action. Today, it was a delight. No one. I could cross the road multiple times at my own pace. I saw few Policemen asking my favorite vegetables and fruits vendor to shut the shop and move away. He was always kind to me. I do not buy and keep fruits. I consume it on a need basis. He used to greet me everyday and give me a bunch of bananas free seeing my retired, carefree existence. Another hangout of mine is the juice shop. I love eating sugar canes. This particular shop has a machine that crushes these lovely canes. I normally go there post noon when it is hot and the traffic is less. Today, I found the shop shut. When I entered the adjacent road I saw this Ambulance and a patient being wheeled into the hospital. Everyone around were looking like Men from Space wearing suits. May be I over slept from last nights heavy food and did not have a chance to know what happened around. There was no way to ask someone as well. My life was never stacked with unwanted things. My home is a shanty where I just go to crash in the evening. The owner is a kind man who lives nearby and gives me food as well. I pay back in kind. Normally from morning I keep walking around the roads, eat whatever I get and mostly rest. I always used to wonder where all these people are rushing whenever I see the traffic. Throughout the day, the roads are filled with vehicles and people of all sizes and shapes walking and talking. While I never had any trouble to even leave the four or five haunts in my neighborhood throughout my life, I wonder what causes this madness around me ? It is now a week and I am quite surprised to see myself alone on the road. Except the occasional Police and Ambulances, I see no one. Previously I used to be scared of the traffic. Now I am scared of the emptiness. Whatever happened to these people? Where are all of them? Will it continue to be like this? I feel scared alone. Please help me.

- Your friendly neighborhood Cow


I am building Trec. A new way to read the Web. If you are interested, send a mail to You will be notified.

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Thalapathy Krishnamurthy

I am building Trec. A new way to read the Web. If you are interested, send a mail to You will be notified.