Life in the time of Corona

A wild and fancy thought.

What happens if everyone on the planet other than those who have to deliver physical goods work from home for the next one year? Every service including health care can be brought to the door step. Schools are virtual. The traffic on the roads will be a fraction of what it stands today. No new bridges, flyovers, metro rail, Uber, Ola and stuff. No need to pour billions into EVs, Self-driving cars or Flying cars or Drones and stuff. No need to infinitely keep innovating on fancy restaurants and food items. Every one stays home and can cook their own food and stories. No more planes. No travel outside of your home or your locality. Economy is a purely service oriented. No shops and malls. Industries and Agriculture are automated with Robots. People work from home to produce these Robots. Governments are needed only for border and defense. Even banks can disappear and bitcoins can be traded. Movies are mostly with animated characters. Virtual reality to travel and experience the world takes over. People have walls and projections of their friends and relatives and can see and talk to them as if they are staying in the next room. Suddenly the planet is a lot more cleaner, quieter and greener. With less to do, People are healthier than ever before. Life and Living takes priority over every other noise we created with War, Money and useless innovation that would have otherwise killed the planet. Corona is the necessary jolt that was waiting to bring order to this planet.


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Thalapathy Krishnamurthy

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