Notes to self

How to be happy ?

Don’t be happy. Don’t be anything.

You don’t have to be anything. When you try to be something, you are bound to suffer that.


Then how do we do things in the world ?

Just do. Do something because you have to do it.

If you do something because you get pleasure out of it, then be ready for the pain as well.


Does it mean you don’t desire big things and go after it?

You can do anything. Big or small are just perceptions.

If you do something because it is going to be a big thing, then be ready to accept when it doesn’t turn out to be.


Isn’t it boring to do stuff and not feel the enjoyment ? After all, life is there only to be enjoyed to its fullest ?

Enjoyment is when you can do things and see it getting done the way you wanted it. Once you do something, you do the next thing.

A life long peace should not be equated to a momentary dance.


Oh, this sounds incredibly hard and unnecessary.

If you realize you are seeking pleasure and not getting it you will realize you are going through harder stuff.

When you drop that and begin to accept things and move around doing what you do, you will find that it is lot easier that way.


If I accept things as they are, how will I achieve my desires ?

Accepting things does not mean you don’t do things.

It is about accepting that you are just doing something and nothing more than that. So you will still pursue your desires, working on them, doing them.

But you don’t go beyond that, measuring them, judging them or expecting them to be one way or other.



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