I see a lot of people crowded at the smaller shops to enter and exit buying vegetables and all sorts of things, almost rubbing one another or breathing down other’s neck. It would have gone unnoticed when things were normal. With Corona numbers on the rise in many parts of India and especially the Cities, I see this not in the same measure as I used to see it before. I feel people should observe social distance. More importantly the shopkeeper is completely risking it all or his family.

Many others feel not that way. They seem to go about doing stuff as if the world outside is same as before. And yet some others may be even more stricter by staying home, not venturing out and getting things delivered to them. Clearly there are different levels of understanding about the problem we are facing as a society.

During Deepavali, as a kid, bursting crackers was an exciting thing. Lighting them and waiting for them to explode with a loud bang was an uncontrollable joy. But no one taught us how to safely do it in those days. Many a time I have got mildly hurt with small crackers bursting in my hand and fortunately not turning out to be anything major.

The Newspapers used to talk about how to light crackers safely. Keep a safe distance, move away when you see sparks, do not bend and show your face to it etc. But still the very next day we will read about a lot of injured kids. Some would have even lost their eye sight. Kids are ignorant to a large part. They cannot read and stick to a list of safety points. Unless they are under adult supervision they are bound to make mistakes.

With Corona, we expect that the adults perfectly understand the situation and follow the precautions. But surprisingly they are not. I am not saying that they should stop going to work or moving around. The writing is clear on the wall. There are enough deaths in a matter of months that it cannot be termed anything less than serious. The instructions to keep one safe is written everywhere and they aren’t difficult to follow. Still if people are going about as if they are like the kids bursting crackers, I cannot attribute this to the graded understanding we have on things.

Graded understanding among us can exist on various issues. Some may think God is in people. Others may think God resides in a temple. Some may think drinking is not good. Others may think boozing alternate days keeps you light headed. We can differ on a thousand issues and at different minute levels in the way we see them if you grade them.

But I guess this issue can only be seen one way by everyone. The virus kills and you cannot kill the virus yet. The virus spreads and you can easily prevent its spread not only to you but from you to others by following some simple steps. So, just follow it. Don’t argue over it. Don’t feel you will lose your esteem in the eyes of others if you wear a mask or wash your hands with soap.

Note that being a Covidiot may not bother you, but others can ill afford it.

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