When we have a problem, we try to solve them by some way, often the simple way. Over time we find problems with the way we solve it and then find ways to fix the fix we did originally. We continue to build on these fixes and eventually we sit on top of a mountain of complexity to solve a simple human need.

Suppose you want to eat something like a Dosa or a pizza you would have just made it with some rice batter, salt, oil on a pan. Now you find that it is consuming a lot of time or it doesn’t taste as you wanted it to and order it online.

The way we fixed it was by inventing a very complex infrastructure with a network of computers running a packet switching protocol, spread across continents with cables running under the ocean and satellites beaming data, large and powerful computers taking your requests for a ‘dosa’ and transmitting binary digits, reaching thousands of high end handheld computers showing images of the ‘dosa’ in UHD resolution with very sophisticated distributed algorithms around SQLs and NoSQLs and a million lines of hard to understand code in tens of programming languages.

Of course we did not do all this just to eat a dosa or a pizza. But eventually that’s the way we did it, if we have to speak the truth.

I am sure no one gave a specification to build something like that. It is an evolution compelled by desire, intellect, economy, politics and a lot of human faculties working overtime over time.

Every product we consume hides a lot of complexity to deliver that ultimate experience. It would have taken enormous time and fixes to reach that point. Every thing you experience has a million wires running behind it. The irony is, the more you consume the more rabbit holes you end up wandering, sometimes numbing your senses to distinguish pain from pleasure.

When we try to parse the inner workings of anything, they appear very complicated and infinite. Everything we do seem to lead to an infinite labyrinth where you can travel endlessly.

When you pause sometimes, you realize this. You feel all of them to be untrue. They were not there until you found them. It was always you who created the labyrinth. You went on travelling in it without realizing that you made that choice.

When the world is immersed in a matrix, it is very hard to be outside of it. You don’t know what it means to be outside. But you can have a hearty laugh if you are able to watch the madness from outside. Like the way you enjoy a cricket match or a movie.

The ever present urge to ‘do’ something keeps us making labyrinths. We end up forgetting the fact that it is possible to be free. We are advised to ‘do’ a lot early so that we can be ‘free’ later without realizing the fact that you have practiced a lot of ‘doing’ something all the time and you don’t know what it means to ‘do’ nothing or less.

If you want to escape the matrix, go for the red pill.

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