I was happy for a long time with a simple single program that solved things. The a.out or main.c was all that was needed. The syntax and usage of the language I coded was all I had to remember.

Now I find myself searching endlessly for the dependent Maven artifacts, incompatible versions of them, try to understand some obscure hack deeply buried in a stack overflow comment, read up on API and frameworks that promised something but delivers something else on some open source code that is long abandoned.

Sure, software is eating the world and we are witnessing its onslaught. But that does not mean we have to spend more time on tools needed to solve the real problem than the problem itself.

How do we fix the tools problem ?

When people work together in projects, lots of human dynamics come into play.

There are Engineers who are very bright and can immediately roll up their sleeves to sling code. And there are those who are slow to catch up but can come out with deeper questions that can make…

Our lives are large swathes of events that are of no particular significance and small number of meaningful things. If I ask you to look back from whatever age you are and tell the most important events that brought you to the point where you are right now, you may…

Every conflict is multi-faceted.

Whether you have a conflict within your home or office or the reams of conflicts that you get to know about from News about your place, people, country or the world.

Everyone involved in a conflict tries to express their side of the story, believe that…

I would like to put forth some general observations related to the Quality of Education in India. Specifically the Science and Engineering streams.

It is true that we have millions of Engineers and Science students graduating out of the various Government funded and Private colleges across the country. …

Every software product we develop begins with some idea of its use by some human user directly or indirectly. Long ago, when I was developing a device driver for a Communication protocol called ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode), I had no clue how it is going to be used, until I…

We believe in so many things. What we learn from books or others in general are nothing but information. They just stay in our brain waiting to be converted to beliefs. When you experience them, you believe them.

If your mother warns you as a child to not put your…

Thalapathy Krishnamurthy

I am building Trec. A new way to read the Web. If you are interested, send a mail to trecapp04@gmail.com. You will be notified.

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